About Us

If you want to send us music, please send to hello@777music.no

777 is a music and media company founded in Bergen, Norway by boy pablo and his manager Fabio Enzo. 777 is founded on the principle of creative curiosity, friendship and a genuine love for music and its impact. We do our best to help set the tone in an ever-evolving creative industry, which sometimes can lead us to do fun things like becoming the first record label in the world to launch an esports offshoot, or when the label released the first song ever to sample real sounds from the surface of a foreign planet (Niilas – “Perseverance”). Now with offices in Oslo and Bergen, 777’s activities are comprised in a record label (777 Music), a publishing company (777 Publishing), artist management (777 Music Management) and an Esports organization (777 Esports).

777’s YouTube channel 777tv originally picked up traction when Fabio posted a video of himself sneaking into a festival backstage area to interview Tyler, the Creator. Fabio was the only “journalist” that got an interview with Tyler that day and the video helped to quickly grow the channel. Soon after Fabio released boy pablo’s debut EP Roy Pablo and launched his career as a global artist mainly through music videos. After teaming up with Norwegian industry veterans Tim Dunham and Kristine Bjørnstad, 777 Music and 777 Publishing were established as the global home for boy pablo and the rest of the 777 musical artists, songwriters and producers.

Kristine Bjørnstad
Managing Director
Kristine is our MD and oversees the business aspects of 777 alongside her day-to-day roles with the creative team and as a strategic part of boy pablo’s management team. Before joining the rest of the 777 crew full time she was the Managing Director of Ingrooves Nordic as well as running the indie label U OK? with Tim. In her spare time she’s spending too much time on Football Manager and trying to make the perfect sourdough loaf.

Tim Dunham

Head of A&R and Marketing
Tim is the Head of A&R/Marketing at 777 Music and boy pablo’s manager. He came to us from his role as Director of Global Digital Strategy at INgrooves. He is a specialist in streaming strategy and has years of experience as an A&R for record labels and publishing companies. Tim is also a trail and ultra marathon runner that you can find in the forests near Oslo all year long drinking from rivers and smelling pine needles.

Fabio Enzo

Creative Director & A&R
Fabio is the Creative Director, an A&R and the founder of 777 as a media channel back in 2017. Fabio spends his days as boy pablo’s art director and co-manager, in addition to running a clothing store in Bergen, and working as an MD of 777 Esports, the label’s newest brand offshoot.

Esteban Muñoz
Esteban is a routined producer and drummer, and also happens to be Nico’s (boy pablo) brother, manager, drummer and producer. With years behind him as a drummer in punk bands and a studio engineer and producer for a wide variety of artists, Esteban is now part of the boy pablo management team and also tours with Pablo as his drummer and tour manager. On a day off you might catch Esteban kayaking a lake in Western Norway or playing football with his brothers and father.

Aleksander “Midjefigur” Fjell Risvik
Content prod
Aleksander aka Midjefigur is the newest addition to the 777 family. Hailing out of Haugesund, Norway, Aleksander was a year into a trainee position as a carpenter while shooting live concert videos as a hobby on the side. His skills caught the eyes of Fabio’s friends in the music scene and Midje joined the 777 content team shortly after.