boy pablo

boy pablo is the artistic monicker of Norwegian/Chilean artist Nicolas Pablo Munoz who resides in Bergen, Norway. He debuted with the single “Flowers” in 2016 at the age of 17 by using studio time gifted to him for his birthday but his older brother Esteban Munoz. Pablo would go on to produce and record his debut EP “Roy Pablo” alongside who co-producers Esteban and Erik Thorsheim (his brother-in-law) leading to the viral break through of lead single “Everytime”.
Pablo followed the viral success of “Everytime” with a new EP “Soy Pablo”, a sold out European tour and a sold out North American tour. Hit singles “Sick Feeling” and “Losing You” would prove him much more than a viral one-off as he continued to write, produce and record his own music whilst selling out further tours in Latin America and Asia. His debut LP “Wachito Rico” came in 2020 leading to global radio success with the single “hey girl” and an ever going world-wide fanbase. Over the past few years Pablo has released a few collaborations and one-off singles while touring the world and working on a larger forthcoming project. Stay tuned 🙂