GiddyGang is an Oslo-based R&B quintet composed of classically trained musicians with the goal to spread peace and good vibes GiddyGang has already contributed to a number of acts in a young R&B scene in Oslo blossoming with new talent. Their debut mixtape was put together during lockdown to be a beacon of positivity and joy in extremely challenging times.

Musically, the band are heavily indebted to the likes of J Dilla or the Roots but with backgrounds in gospel, Nordic jazz and soul the band swirls in sounds from all kinds of beautiful places. The result is surprisingly cohesive, confident and less surprisingly fun and uplifting. Collaborators on the mixtape include South African/ Norwegian rapper Vuyo, Tennishu from Butcher Brown and Norwegian trombonist Sigurd Drågen. As part of a young generation inheriting a world filled with strife, stress and difficulties they want to inspire kindness and help people cope.