Judah Just Kidding

Judah Just Kidding is 19-year-old singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Judah John Kubendran. He was born and raised in Bergen, Norway in a family of immigrant parents from India and Sri Lanka respectively with a heavy focus on knowing his Tamil roots.  Despite his childhood being completely focused on the dream of football stardom he fell in love with music at age 14 and had his parents enroll him in a music focused high school program where he eventually became classmates with the guys playing in boy pablo. They bonded over common influences like the Swedish pop-star Veronica Maggio, the Bealtes and Vampire Weekend and he started to write and produce some songs.

Nicolas Munoz (aka boy pablo) invited Judah to join him the studio while he was putting together songs for his album “Wachito Rico”. Judah helped him write the lead single ”hey girl” and he later featured in the video as Wachito Rico’s bf John. Pablo wanted to return the favour so they went into the studio to write and produce Judah’s debut single “All My Life” together and he signed him to 777 Music.