Niilas is the moniker of Peder Niilas Tårnesvik, electronica producer from Bergen, Norway. He makes bass-oriented beats with melancholic undertones and a soft spot for glittery details and blending of genres. In few years, he has established himself as one of Norway’s most interesting electronica producers with his innovative and detailed soundscapes, with his newest album “Also This Will Change” being nominated for Norwegian Grammys. With his newest release “Perserverance”, named after the Mars rover of which he sampled audio from, Niilas marks his name down in history as the first artist ever to sample the sounds of a foreign planet.

The song’s artwork features a shot from the NASA Perserverance rover’s new Terrain-Relative Navigation technology it uses to avoid hazards and find a safe place to land in Jezero Crater on Mars (the dot in the middle), an ancient river delta where the rover and it’s accompanying helicopter will be searching for, amongst other things, ancient microbial life.