Amund Valde

Amund Vale is an Oslo based Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. He is a graduate of the Stargate founded music academy LIMPI where he was mentored by accomplished industry professionals like Emily Warren, Fred Ball, Stargate and Axident. He thrives both as a topliner and track writer making him a versatile and natural collaborator.

Amund signed with 777 Publishing after having worked on a number of cuts on a forthcoming boy pablo project and has since been busy in sessions with artists like Kamelen (NO), Kapteinen (NO), Michelle Ullestad (NO), GABIFUEGO (NO), Synne Vo (NO) and Cate Downey (US). Amund also has an artist project making house music as Mat Duo that is now signed to Sony and has a number of radio bangers under their belt already.